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Sprezzatura. This is an Italian word that comes from the Renaissance era. In the world of art and literature, it means the hidden quality, excellence, and dedication behind someone’s performance. In other words, it means everything that occurs in the mind of an artist while they perform. This word is one that best describes what the audience observes and experiences when attending a young artist presentation sponsored by the Almenar Otero Foundation. Sprezzatura makes a performance seem effortless, though in fact it takes many resources to deliver an outstanding one.


The Almenar Otero Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that sponsors young people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, to provide them with a high level of education in the arts while giving them an excellent opportunity for personal growth. However, to provide this unique and specialized education, the Foundation depends heavily on support from public and private institutions and individuals.  


The Almenar Otero Foundation welcomes all kinds of donations including monetary donations, volunteers, use of venues, equipment supply, and professional services.


Note that the Almenar Otero Foundation is currently leading a campaign to establish its own recording studio to produce music for sponsored artists. The Foundation is also looking to buy or rent a space to provide workshops and conduct art courses.


On behalf of the Almenar Otero Foundation, thank you for your unconditional support.  

Almenar Otero  Foundation, Inc.


CHECKING ACCT # 898 059 058 325



Year Established in Miami, FL
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